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Big Teddy cake

I recently got my hands on a chunk of the world’s largest gummy bear. Just look at it!

Big Teddy

Obviously, the only logical thing to do is baking a cheesecake using this 2.5kg section of gummy bear.


The following ingredients are required:

  • 1 box of Bastogne cookies
  • 250ml cream
  • 100gr butter
  • 400gr cream cheese
  • 100gr powdered sugar
  • 350gr orange juice
  • 200gr big teddy gummy bear

The cheese cake consists of three layers:

Making the crumbled cookie bottom is very simple, simply crush the cookies and mix it with molten butter:

crumbs buttered crumbs bottom

And push it into the shape of a cake bottom using a large spoon, as can be seen above. Place the cake in the fridge while you prepare the creamcheese layer. The cream layer just consists of mixing the powdered sugar, cream, cream cheese and a molten teddy-orange juice mix.


And ofcouse, the 100gr of gummy is a fairly small part of the big chunk of gummy. You can see it below.


Mix! Mix! Mix! Mix! Mix! Mix! Mix! Mix! Mix! Mix! Mix! Mix!

cheese cheese2

Then melt the 100gr of gummy bear into your orange juice (Using a microwave to heat the juice is perfectly fine.)


Then mix the cheese, gummy goo and the cream together into a consistent, thick and goopy mixture. When its ready, add it on top of the crumbled cookie layer.


Then create the jelly layer by melting yet more gummy bear into orange juice, this time you need

  • 100gr Big Teddy
  • 300gr orange juice

It is VERY important to let the cheese layer cool for a while before adding the jelly layer. I was not careful enough so they mixed. I recommend leaving it in the fridge for atleast an hour before adding the jelly layer. If all went according to plan, all you need to do is leave it in the fridge for a good while until the entire cake is stiff.


As you can see, I did not wait long enough before trying to add the jelly layer, and they mixed. Don’t do the same as me!


Enjoy! It is a great cake.

Edit: I have attempted to create the cake once more; and this time I waited long enough to keep the layers seperated properly.

Proper cake
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